It’s the 33rd Century, and it has been 600 years since the cataclysmic phenomenon known as the Scream – a mysterious event which maddened or killed every psychic in the known galaxy and ended the halcyon expansion Terran culture had enjoyed for centuries.

Left without the the psychically-powered jump gates that enabled their distant colonization, all but a lucky few were stranded on backwater worlds unconducive to human life. Societies across the sector were forced to make due with the limited resources their planet or station provided. Most died in the attempt.

Now, after centuries of seclusion, the disparate planets of the sector have finally begun to crawl their way back into the light of galactic civilization. New wars decimate budding, fragile worlds, alliances are forged and broken, and ruthless corsairs seek to carve a fortune from the new found flow of people and information.


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