Hard Light

A Start

Perdurabo. The Beast. There are many names for the wicked, red giant star that sits at the heart of the Hard Light system. Its perpetual, searing light kills anyone that hasn’t shielded themselves from its lethal radiation, and its ever-expanding border slowly eats away at the orbital objects that remain.

Few make their homes in this desolate place, but there is at least one bastion of life among the system’s charred remnants. Hiding in the shadow of a half-melted planetoid, Brightside Station was built to gather the valuable particle, novium, that only late-stage red giants like Perdurabo emit. It’s necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of many pre-Scream manufacturing devices, and until recently it was the only thing making life in this hell worth it.

The unlucky souls who do find themselves on the station are resilient by necessity. Not many are willing to make the trek to such a distant system, much less subject themselves to The Beast’s brutal sleet of radiation. But the Director of Brightside Station, Yash Dutta, has drastically increased the novium quotas, and the long hours have started to take their toll on even these hardy spacers. Unrest is reaching a critical level, and many are discussing a non-negotiable change in leadership.

The discovery of ancient alien tombs among the outer belt has also brought in an influx of explorers. Some residents hope their ticket out of the system can be bought with the bones of the dead aliens, while others have already taken their families to the belt to make a home.

Whatever the reason for finding yourself in Hard Light, there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious individuals.



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